“We just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for the amazing job you did yesterday. You really helped me relax for the day, because I knew everything was being handled. I got several compliments on how well everything was handled, so props to you”

– Karen and Robbie


“Cynthia was a dream to work with and was a hero on our special day. This really reduced the stress that my wife and I had which allowed us to focus on our out-of-town guests. It was convenient to know that we did not have to contact each of our vendors to make sure they area ready because she did all the work for us. Then on the day-of she shined with her ability to adapt. We had some guests that we did not plan on attending, she quickly talked to the kitchen staff and made sure they were well fed. Also, we forgot our guest sign-in book (please don’t do that) and she converted our photo-booth album book to also a sign-in remembrance. We highly recommend her for your event!”

– Eric and Kelly

“Cynthia and her team were rockstars in the months leading up to our wedding! We had hired CFC as our Month-Of-Coordinator, but Cynthia was involved well before just the month of the wedding! We had many meetings in person, over the phone, and remained organized with an easily-accessible Google Drive folder. Cynthia always had a calming smile to her face and has a super-strong memory to be able to recall large and small details. I would highly recommend CFC to any bride and groom out there that is looking for help and expertise around the SF Bay Area!”

– Lindsay and James

“Omg…we can’t stop talking about how seamless Cynthia made our wedding.  Thank you sooo much for everything.”

– Michelle and Jay-R

“Wow… we are all still in awe of how everything turned out. Thank you Cynthia for playing such an integral role in what can only be described as the best day ever!”

– Clayton and Brooke

“Cynthia was the wedding coordinator at my sister’s wedding in September. My family was so happy with the entire day and how everything turned out. Since my sister and I planned everything ourselves, we were nervous about how the day would go, but Cynthia was so calm and confident with everything, it really helped to calm us down! lol. We had an unexpected situation when one of our helpers (not from Cynthia) didn’t show up. Cynthia was quick on her feet and called for backup. She was able to get an extra person to the wedding within the hour, and that person also deserves some kudos because she did an awesome job at the bar. Although Cynthia didn’t plan the entire wedding from beginning to end, we do owe her a HUGE THANKS for the success of that special day!”

–  Amy


“From the time I started wedding planning, I knew that I wanted to hire a coordinator. I realized I couldn’t be everywhere at once in the weeks leading up to the wedding and wanted to try and relieve as much stress as possible from me and my family so we could enjoy the big day. When I first met Cynthia and Mary they instantly put me at ease. They are calm, sweet, and flexible. I felt like I really connected with them and could trust them to handle any unforeseen situation or issue. I happily hired them for their month-of service (though I loved their taste and wouldn’t have minded their help with decor!). They communicated with me for several weeks leading up to the wedding and quickly took over the reins, genuinely caring about what we wanted, but also offering their advice and expertise when needed. Fortunately for us, due to their amazing attention to detail and professionalism, in my eyes the wedding was flawless! Cynthia’s timeline allowed for us to fit in everything that we wanted and the other vendors were able to execute their jobs seamlessly. On the day of, she quietly and calmly waited in the wings throughout the night. It felt like everything magically came together and unfolded in front of us! Other brides always warned me that something will go wrong on your wedding day and it’s ok– but honestly, Cynthia helped to make our day more perfect and enjoyable than I ever imagined.”

– Trish and Daniel